Our service

SONITEK's Flow Measurement Specialists are able to provide a total solution to meet any specific flow measurement application. Whether the application is gas, compressed air, steam, liquid or water, flow, effluent flow or pipe flow measurement or for industrial processes, environmental, water treatment or water resource monitoring. We are identify the operating requirements, select and procure the most suitable equipment, install and commission the flow measurement device.

Technologies include clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, balanced flow meter, vortex TA flow meters, Thermal TA flow meter, Vane wheel FA flow meters, water cut meter, dew point analyzer, wobbe index calorimeter/BTU, relative humidity, gas analyzer, etc.

SONITEK is committed to support the customers with excellent pre- and after-sales service and to guarantee the function of our products by delivering high quality instruments.

  • Start-up and commissioning on site
  • Checking devices on site
  • Repair devices on site
  • Recalibration
  • Training for customers at the nearest local facility or on site at the customers facilities.

SONITEK's focus and commitment is directed towards providing the highest quality equipment with the best support and service possible.

Flow Service proving;

  • Flow meter installation and commisioning
  • Flow calibration and verification
  • Fire pump performance test
  • On-site measurement service
  • Troble shooting

Analyzer Service proving;

  • Moisuture analyzer installation and commisioning
  • Moisture probe calibration and verification
  • On-site measurement service
  • Troble shooting