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SONITEK's can offers technologies and solutions for, ultrasonic flow meter, balanced flow meter, vortex flow meter, dew point and gas measurement services in applications such as environmental, marine, meteorology, aerospace, defence, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, industrial, commercial, petrochemical, power generation, and transportation. We offer a broad range of products and services that help customers solve challenges and drive their productivity.









COSA Xentaur : Measuring technology for flow rate, mass flow rate and flow velocity

COSA Xentaur provides high technology instrumentation for a wide range of applications in petrochemical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and plastics industries.

Product categories;

  • Dew point analyzer
  • Gas Analyzer
  • Analytical laboratory equipment
  • WOBBE and BTU analyzers
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Katronic : Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Katronic develop and manufacture portable and fixed  installation clamp-on flowmeters, which maintain high quality production standards and performance characteristics and believe that the measurement of flow should be quick, easy and straightforward. We have therefore equipped every KATflow clamp-on flowmeter with an intuitive menu, instrument Setup Wizard and the unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant to make our flowmeters the easiest to operate and install available.

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A+FlowTek : Balanced Flow Meter


BALANCED FLOW METER - Current orifice meter technologyis known to generate a large permanent loss of pressure.  

The pressure potential is consumed by the eddy turbulence.  Accuracy lost is due to linearity and repeatability issues that are a direct result of the random and chaotic eddy turbulence formations.

Product by solution;

  • Liquid measurment solution
  • Gas measurment solution
  • Steam measurment solution








Hontsch : Measuring technology for flow rate, mass flow rate and flow velocity

Höntzsch flow rate measuring instruments and flow meters in use worldwide are our guarantee for increased process liability and plant safety. International customer satisfaction and confidence in our wide range of flow sensors is perfect proof.

Product categories;

  • Vortex TA Flow
  • Thermal TA Flow
  • Vane Wheel FA Flow
  • Ultrasonic Flow
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Zelentech : Measuring technology for flow rate, mass flow rate and flow velocity

ZelenTech Pte Ltd manufactures a range of instruments and devices. Our field proven Water Cut meters (also known as BS&W, OWD, WFM or Water in Oil Analyzers) are available in a wide variety of models to cover different applications and requirements. Explore our products here.

Product categories;

  • Water cut meter
  • Water in oil monitors
  • Static mixers
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